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Top 10 Reasons to Add Phlexy-10 Tablets to your PKU diet Plan

Phlexy-10 Tablets

10. You can take tablets at night instead of skipping that last serving of formula

9. Easy to take at school before sports practice or other activities

8. Tablets won’t smell up your locker or work area

7. Lightweight PKU protein source when hiking or camping

6. A simple way to stay on diet when you just don’t like PKU protein drinks

5. Prevents having to explain about your special drink each time you eat with new people

4. Tablets can add flexibility to a busy day

3. Easy to pack or carry when away from home for long periods of time

2. No messy liquid spills in your bag or purse

1. A quality PHE-free protein source for times when you just don’t feel like drinking your ‘special milk’^

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Don’t Skip Your Last Serving of PKU Formula!

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*You must consult a physician or dietitian prior to making changes to your PKU diet plan.

^ ‘Special Milk’ is a common term used for PKU formula or PKU Medical Food