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PKU is Diet-for-Life

PKU is Diet-for-Life.  

Start 2017 by improving or PKU diet or returnig to the PKU diet.  It is Never Too Late!


 Nutricia can help you or your loved one get back on track.   We can also contact our Reimbursement Team for help reviewing your insurance plan and medical food coverage. Email: 

You can do it.  You are not alone!

Meet David.  An Adult who returned to the PKU diet.

“My name is David Harris. I am 40 years old and I have classical
PKU. I am a first generation PKU’er which means I was born
before PKU was known to be Diet-for-Life. I was taken off-diet
at the age of 6. I struggled through school and always wondered
why things were so difficult for me.”

“Then it happened. I saw a TV show that said PKU was diet-for-
life and what happens to your body when you are not on
diet. That day I knew I had to get myself back on a low protein
diet and drink a PKU formula. It took time to re-learn the diet
and adjust my eating habits, but when I went back on diet my
life improved and now feel a lot better.”

You can do it – and Nutricia Metabolics is here to help.

Get Back to Diet Now!   Don’t Delay!

Contact Nutricia:  or call 800-605-0410   GMP_SAMPLE_button


Share Your Story!     Tell Nutricia more about you and help inspire others to return to the PKU diet or maintain the PKU diet.

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