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Introducing ULTRA!

We are proud and excited to introduce a new addition to our PhenylAde® GMP line of PKU formulas.  The recent months have not been easy, and you may be asking, “Why launch a new PKU formula now?”

The reason was simple.  Our commitment to the PKU community is to provide products that can help improve daily PKU diet management.  We received feedback from the PKU community and healthcare professionals that despite the current pandemic, we should proceed with offering this new option to you, the PKU community.

Nutricia has been developing PhenylAde® GMP ULTRA for a couple of years. From PKU product idea to launch—we want to get it right for you.  Nutricia prides itself on innovations that fill a need in the PKU community and achieve the goal of helping to improve diet management.  We also want to be sure our products deliver on our promise of outstanding taste.

The outcome of this hard work and collaboration with the PKU community is PhenylAde GMP ULTRA!  We consulted with adults and teens with PKU who advised us along every step of the development process.  From product features, taste to packaging design, PhenylAde GMP ULTRA was developed for you, by you.

PhenylAde GMP ULTRA workshops to develop package design and formula taste.

We believe PhenylAde GMP ULTRA will have a positive impact on anyone who may be struggling or looking for a new, great tasting option for their PKU formula. If you are seeking something new to give you a push to stay on diet or come back to the PKU diet, we hope this helps.  We hope you enjoy the taste, convenience and look of PhenylAde GMP ULTRA!

PhenylAde® GMP ULTRA is a medical food for the dietary management of PKU and must be used under medical supervision.

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