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PKU Lunch Tips for Back-to-School

by guest blogger – Katie Maquire

I don’t know about you, but it was stressful for my parents sending me off to school in September knowing that I would be making many food choices on my own without them present.

ALL children should be able to make healthy food choices. PKU children are no different. This can begin at a young age when you are grocery shopping or prepping food together in the kitchen.

PKU Friendly Lunch Tips for Back-to-School:

  • Pack lunch in fun, colorful containers in all different sizes.

  • Use an insulated lunch tote with ice packs to keep food and formula cool.Kids%20Lunch%20Tote

  • Make lunch colorful with a small amount of different veggies, such as baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow peppers, etc.

  • Prepare, weigh and measure food ahead of time to speed up mornings.

  • Give your child a low protein “surprise” snack, like Maddy’s Low Protein Sugar Cookies.

  • Write a special good job note or include a sticker 2-3 times a week.

  • Send formula in a fun re-usable drink container or sports bottle.

  • Plan ahead with a 5-day menu to ease grocery shopping and food prep.

  • Try a ready-to-drink PKU formula Back-to-School with Periflex LQ - TEENSif unable to mix formula at school.*

  • Involve your child in shopping, prepping and weighing their own lunch.

Katie Maguire is an adult with PKU.  She is currently a second grade school teacher.

*Important:  You must consult a metabolic healthcare professional prior to making any changes in your child’s PKU diet plan.


Looking for a new Back-To-School PKU Formula?  For a limited time:

tote bag for lowprolivig

Get Creative with PhenylAde GMP for PKU

PhenylAde GMP is available in a mild vanilla flavor, but for people who like to get creative or want a different flavor can turn PhenylAde GMP  into a custom flavor you will enjoy drinking.

Simply mix 1 scoop  or  1 pouch (33.3 g) with 5 – 6 fl oz (150 mL – 180 mL) and then add one of the following mix-in ideas:

Try one - Try them all!

Try one – Try them all!

PhenylAde GMP does contain some Phenylalanine (PHE).  One scoop from the can or one single serve pouch (33.3 g) provides 15.3 g of PHE.   Some people may use this product as their main PKU formula or just as part of their PKU diet plan. Talk to your metabolic healthcare professional to see if PhenylAde GMP is right for you or your child.


Here are some more great recipes featuring this great tasting product for PKU.

GMP recipes

NOTE:   *Always consult your metabolic dietitian or physcian prior to making any changes to your PKU diet plan and to see if PhenylAde GMP is right for you.

View other great product for the dietary management of Phenylketonuria (PKU) at